World Languages Week

World Languages Week is a week-long celebration of languages and cultures. Throughout the week, we celebrate diversity and promote the importance of recognizing one’s culture and language. The World Languages Week has become a tradition at Upper Canada College for more than eight years now. More recently, Upper Canada College hosted again its annual World Languages Week organized by the World Languages Committee from January 14th to 18th of 2019. During this week, each day was allocated a language and activities were organized showcasing different languages and cultures. For example, a Portuguese Fado musical performance was organized to display the Portuguese language and one of the many interesting aspects of the Portuguese culture. In addition, we have attempted to feature Indigenous languages during our week. In fact, the very name of our week was changed from “International Languages Week” to “World Languages Week” in recognition of Indigenous languages.

If you are interested in collaborating with us in starting up your own World Languages Week at your school, we would highly recommend that you visit our “Consultation” page. Here is SAMPLE, a list of values which the World Languages Week stands for:

  1. Supporting second language acquisition
  2. Advocating for open-mindedness
  3. Motivating students to learn about different cultures and languages
  4. Promoting multiculturalism and diversity
  5. Learning a new world perspective
  6. Encouraging students to appreciate their own cultural and linguistic backgrounds

Want to learn more about the World Languages Week that took place at Upper Canada College this year? Watch the video below!